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London, England

I am an interdisciplinary designer seeking to merge different perspectives and narratives from the past and present, into something that is interesting, new and of the future.

My practice examines identity within an increasingly globalised environment, where the concepts of culture, heritage, origin and identity are becoming diluted instead of highlighted and celebrated. The vast mosaic of cultures, materials and viewpoints inspires my design process to be something rich and diverse - a fusion of perspectives; a synthesis of experiences, ideas and possibilities.

These concepts are explored and realised through different forms of physical manifestation, with a focus on graphic design and printed communication. Rooted in engaging narratives, bold and innovative aesthetics, my work aims to spark conversations about the wider context that it exists in.  

Research is a key aspect of my practice, whether it is densely academic or a more abstract collage of influences. Research that is spacious is an imperative within a methodical approach to design and by constantly observing and absorbing information from my surroundings, I aim to understand the different perspectives that exist in the world around me.

I see design as something that should start positive and productive discussions within society, being clear and somewhat minimal. But to achieve that, it needs to be captivating and take risks to push existing boundaries.